Commoning in the New Forest


Dan and his Champion New Forest Mare Pilleybailey Fascination

On your way here you have probably seen free roaming ponies and cattle on the Forest. These are all owned by people referred to as “Commoners”. This term goes back to William the Conqueror. Commoners are identified by commoning rights attached to property and land. It is a form of farming which allows certain animals to graze and forage on unfenced common land. These animals include ponies, cattle, pigs, donkeys and sheep (in certain areas). The grazing of these animals provides a significantly beneficial contribution to the maintenance of the New Forest’s Ecology and Landscape. When visiting the New Forest we ask you to enjoy the livestock from a distance. Please do not touch or feed the animals as this can cause serious problems.

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Our Event’s Manager Daniel is a commoner and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. His family have been commoning for generations and Daniel at 28 years old has been doing it his whole life. It is truly an extraordinary commitment and the New Forest would not be the same without it. Daniel breeds New Forest ponies and currently owns 20. Some run out on the open forest and some he keeps in to show at local competitions.

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